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Welcome to Amusement Ride Services

We specialise in engineering solutions for the theme park, amusement and leisure industry


Based on a solid foundation of over 25 years engineering knowledge and experience gained within the leisure and industrial engineering sectors, our parent company, Harling Engineering Services Ltd, was formed in October 1997 to provide a comprehensive “on site” contracting service both within the UK and internationally. As H.E.S.L. developed its client base, it soon became apparent that the demand for amusement and leisure services was predominant which resulted in the formation of a specialist division, Amusement Ride Services.

Some of our Clients

  • Pleasure Beach Blackpool
  • Pleasureland Southport
  • Deighton International
  • Mtatsminda Park, Republic of Georgia
  • Charles Bowers and Associates
  • Fun and Leisure Group, Morecambe
  • Piper Leisure, S. Ireland
  • Global Village, Dubai, UAE
  • Barry Island Amusement Park, South Wales
Blackpool Plesure Beech